The Leadership and Management Development Program

I offer a comprehensive training solution where a cadre of supervisors learns together and develops a common language for leading people and managing programs. The full program includes six two-hour seminars I can delivered individually or grouped in longer units and an offsite that brings together all layers of management to clarify expectations. I can customize all content for your needs and create new material.

I draw on my experiences as a leader in the public and private sectors and use humorous stories to illustrate key learning points. I offer practical tips students can apply back on the job and provide a written summary of all content at the end of class.


THE expectations offsite

The Expectations Offsite involves facilitated discussions and exercises that helps create alignment between a senior manager and their leadership  team by clarifying the senior’s expectations and priorities. It pulls the team together for one to two days away from their workspaces–and ideally overnight in a residential setting–where participants focus on how they can work together more effectively while getting to know each other better. 

I work with the senior manage prior to the offsite and develop a set of expectations for subordinate managers. I provide a broad list of expectations from past offsite to generate ideas and then customize the final offering to best fit my client’s industry, organization, culture, and targeted areas for improvement. I group these expectations into four categories that structure to the flow of the offsite: people, programs, partnership, and personal growth. 

Offsite Session Options