The  Presenting With Purpose Workshop

What if your presentations connected with audiences on an emotional level rather than just recounting product or program features? What if you could translate technical or substantive expertise into a message that engaged even the most novice audience? Becoming a more captivating presenter can increase your sales, improve your executive presence and influence, and accelerate your career.

Unfortunately, many presenters–and technical experts in particular–rely on a logical appeal to an audience’s intellect using dense language and even denser slides, making it harder to engage them. I teach students instead to focus on the problem they are solving for their audience and to convey their solution in a relatable story with effective visuals. 


I help experts deliver presentations that move an audience to listen, understand, believe, and act. My approach incorporates communication, leadership, neuroscience, and sales literature. I also draw on my decades of experience at the CIA, where I presented critical national security topics to skeptical audiences by leading with a clear bottom line that conveyed the what and so-what of the story.

I present a simple five-part formula for building and delivering a powerful presentation:


The Workshop explains the formula for presentation success through discussion and classroom exercises. Students apply the formula to their own material in a five-minute briefing that can be filmed, performed live for the class, or both. The class and instructors critique the presentations, offering valuable feedback and ideas for improvement.

The Workshop takes place at the client’s site and comes in one-, two-, or three-day versions, depending on how much practice a client desires. I also offer one-on-one coaching for executives, helping them apply the formula to take their presentation skills to the next level. Please contact me at for more details and availability.